Wrist Check: Rolex Explorer II

Wearing certain watches creates an interesting emotion. It’s hard to put into words, but when the Explorer II hugs your wrist, something changes. A feeling of adventure ensues. You’re no longer sitting in a cubicle at your desk – you’re ready to travel to the real ocean. Visions of alpine expeditions and multi-time-zone travel spring up like the plot of an Ian Fleming novel. Some people just see a simple homology between GMT and fake watch design. However, I see something more – a gateway to a different way of life. replica watches usa
Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the Explorer II holds a special place in my heart. It was what introduced me to the world of Rolex. Memories associated with this watch include trudging through snowy nights in New York City and warm afternoons spent at country wineries. The Explorer II is not just a watch – it’s a companion. The design changes that distinguish it from the GMT-Master II or Submariner give it a more pronounced rugged look. The brushed steel bezel seems to work as a flint if you find yourself stuck in the woods and need to start a fire (seriously, don’t do that). Let’s take a look at why I can’t get enough of one of the most underrated exact replica watches in the Rolex lineup right now.
The 42mm Explorer II is significantly larger than Rolex’s 40mm Sport. To me, this just adds to the overall sturdy tool watch feel. To complement the size, the brushed steel 24-hour bezel mirrors the black dial. While the white dial version of the Explorer II is currently more popular, I prefer the black dial. It adds better readability by contrasting with the white hands. Regarding the hands, for this version of the watch, Rolex used a black hand base to match the dial and added a phantom effect. As a result, at first glance, the hands appear rather stubby, but over time, this look will grow on you.
To add contrast to the black dial, a bold orange arrow-shaped GMT hand helps you measure a second time zone. And, for good measure, this hand is controlled by its own quick time setting function on the crown. This allows the user to switch hours in just a few seconds. Following more traditional design cues, the date function is located under the Cyclops magnifying window at three o’clock. Hugging all of this tightly to the wrist is a synonym for most of their best replica watches – the Oyster strap. Finished in brushed steel, the strap feels as tough as nails without sacrificing comfort. I wish it had the Glidelock clasp. However, it does have the Easylink system, which allows you to quickly expand the bracelet by about half a turn. This comes in handy when switching from a cold climate to a hot one, or when your wrist is expanding throughout the day.
The steel bezel I’ve been raving about has a downside. It makes the Explorer II more casual than its ceramic bezel counterpart. I’ve always believed that you should wear what makes you feel best. However, for me, the Explorer II shines best in business casual and informal settings. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear it with a suit, but in general, it’s not a good practice. The larger casing and brushed finish make it more suited to nice jeans and facecloth than anything else.
In daily use, the larger case size disappears quickly from my perspective. For most watches, I think size comes down to preference. After a few days, you can get used to anything. I never found the Explorer II to be uncomfortable or too big for my 6.8″ wrist. That said, I did notice that the case was not as flat on my wrist as the 40mm Rolex. I just equate it to a sportier look.
It’s certainly not an original idea, but for men, watches are really the only jewelry we can wear every day. The features that make this watch different from the more traditional Submariner or GMT-Master add more personality to the wearer. It shows that you really know what you’re wearing, rather than simply checking a box on the Rolex list. The Explorer II has a depth to it that really makes you feel special when you look down at your wrist. Even if you’re not traveling, you’ll always be ready for the call of adventure. The Explorer II is a watch that will carry those memories forever.

Amazing Rolex Sky-Dweller Blue Dial Ultimate Review

Rolex debuted its Sky-Dweller collection in 2012. It’s not often that Rolex introduces a brand new model, so it’s no surprise that the novel Sky-Dweller was the biggest news at Baselworld that year. the Sky-Dweller was hard to swallow at first – it had a wide 42mm solid gold case with a rotatable fluted bezel that served to control the movement inside. Its dial is packed with information, including two time zones, a date window, and a month indicator – oh, and it’s also an annual calendar. That’s amazing, isn’t it?
Rolex fitted the first two models with matching oyster gold straps and the latter with a leather strap. Two years later, replica Rolex added three more gold versions with additional bracelet and leather strap options. For the first five years of the Sky-Dweller’s history, the watch was only available in an all-gold version, which was out of reach for most collectors. The pair of then-new Sky-Dweller replica watches were equipped with Oyster bracelets and Rolex offered a few Rolex offered some different dial colors.
Perhaps because the steel/white gold combination is more readily available than the previous all-gold version, onlookers can allow themselves to imagine wearing this watch. Perhaps it’s because Rolex used cleaner baton-style hour markers on the dial and dropped the more ornate Arabic and Roman numerals. Another possibility is that the market is increasingly appreciating the Sky-Dweller’s striking looks and mechanical complexity. After all, this is not the first time that a new Rolex model has taken several years to catch on with the public.
The local time is read by a traditional central hand, while the second time zone is read by a small inverted triangle located slightly off-center above the 24-hour disc. In addition to the traditional date window at 3 o’clock, Rolex also features 12 dial windows next to the Sky-Dweller’s hour markers, which are filled in red to indicate the current month. Finally, one of the most impressive features of the 9001 movements is that it is an annual calendar, which means that the Sky-Dweller can distinguish between months that have 30 or 31 days.
However, the addition of the white Rolex Sky-Dweller, and in particular the blue dial, thrusts the entire collection into the spotlight. What the blue dial offers is something different – wearable and seductive, luxurious and sturdy. It is everything that the Rolex Sky-Dweller did not represent when it was first released.

The New Omega Seamaster 300s

In spite of its aquatic name, the Seamaster wasn’t always a dive watch. It debuted in 1948 with a case measuring just 34 mm. In 1957, Omega released the Seamaster 300, a direct competitor to watches like the Rolex Submariner and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, featuring a mix of Arabic numerals and painted markers and, most notably, a rotating calendar bezel. The Seamaster 300 became the blueprint for all future Seamaster divers. It paved the way for the 300m collection – it featured prominently on the wrist of one particular MI6 agent.
When the retro craze emerged in the mid-2010s, Omega released a modern-meets-vintage Seamaster 300 with a synthetic sheath. Earlier this year, rumors of an update to the collection were rife, and in March, OMEGA gave the Seamaster 300 a complete update. We wrote about these fake Rolex watches on release day and the consensus among our readers was positive. But those were press photos. We hadn’t seen these replica watches in person. Now we are seeing them.  
The dial is a Panerai-style double sandwich. The top layer – black – has markers and cutouts for the numbers on a fully illuminated faux-Batana bottom layer. The effect is much more subtle than you might expect. If your eyes are like mine, to fully appreciate the three-dimensionality, you’ll have to hold the watch close to your face, like reading the fine print on a mortgage agreement.
On the other hand, the new bezel is indisputably better. The bezel of the steel model is reminiscent of the gilt look of the Tudor Black Bay 58. It is now made of oxalic anodized aluminum instead of ceramic – which matches the throwback vibe. The previous 300 series had a monochromatic bezel, but this one features the same aged patina found on the dial.  
On the wrist, the new 300 feels like 42mm, despite listing the same size as its predecessor as 41mm. The sapphire case back adds considerable thickness to the bottom, resulting in a fairly high gap between the case and wrist at the ends of the lugs, but this kind of detail is only noticeable when you’re actually looking for it, and the watch is comfortable to wear on a strap or bracelet.
Also, a matching bracelet for the bronze and gold watch would be great. In typical OMEGA fashion, these replica Rolex watches represent a strong value in the broader dive watch market – a market where certain models from certain brands are not even available. With this update, OMEGA has made the Seamaster 300 even more coveted than it has been for years.

Luxury Grand Seiko Goes Back to Nature

Grand Seiko has always drawn inspiration from nature and applied these influences to its timepieces. In the past year alone, we have seen the Grand Seiko Ref. SBGR321, which celebrates the morning skies of Mount Iwate in Japan, and before that, the Grand Seiko Toge Special Edition, which evokes a mountain path through the same slopes, to name just two of several examples. Today, we take a look at the luxury watchmaker’s latest nature-inspired creation, the new Heritage Hi-Beat “White Birch” watch, Ref. SLGH005. SLGH005   a25362-925-4
As its name suggests, the replica watch is most inspired by the white birch forest that grows next to Shizukuishi Grand Seiko’s atelier in Japan. According to the brand, this is where the birch trees grow in abundance, standing beautifully and mysteriously in every season, shimmering in every morning light, and providing a luminous silhouette at every dusk. The ever-innovative watch designers at Grand Seiko have used this stately backdrop as the template for the birch-patterned dial of their new model.
The 40mm diameter steel case is 11.7mm thick and, like all its counterparts in the collection, features Grand Seiko’s signature ‘Zaratsu’ style of ultra-sharp brushed and mirror alternately polished surfaces. The case has a relatively new shape, introduced by the brand exclusively for its Heritage collection, known as the “Series 9” style. Among its unique features, the Series 9 case design features wider lugs, a low center of gravity for a tighter fit on the wrist, and a flat-topped brushed bezel surrounding the dial.
The bark-inspired ‘White Birch’ dial is covered by a vintage-style box-shaped sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The Series 9 style dial features a more contemporary set of traditional dauphine hands, matched with fluted applied hour markers. In addition, the outer edge of the dial is embellished with a curved minute ring at each 5-minute position. A steel contoured date indicator at 3 o’clock, partially affixed with the Grand Seiko logo, occupies the upper part of the dial, and simple blued steel seconds hands accompany the Series 9 hour and minute hands.
Inside the SLGH005 is the Grand Seiko Caliber 9SA5, one of the major Japanese fake watch manufacturer’s own ‘high-beat movements. Launched in 2020, this self-winding movement is one of the brand’s most prestigious movements, boasting a high frequency of 36,000 Vph, 47 jewels, an impressive 80-hour power reserve, and an accuracy of +5/-3 seconds per day. Protected by a sapphire case-back that makes the watch water-resistant to 100 meters, the movement is exquisitely decorated and topped by a skeletonized rotor.

Deep-Sea Tools for Rolex Dive Watches

Rolex’s dive watches are highly sought after. It’s no wonder that Rolex has such an exciting history, many noteworthy collaborations, unique designs, and powerful, precise internal movements. We explore the various models in this feature.
Rolex currently produces some different dive watch models: the Submariner and Submariner Date, the Sea-Dweller, and the Deepsea. The Submariner and Submariner Date have the same case size. Almost all of the watches in the collection are available in versions with different materials, dials and bezel colors. The Submariner without the date is the entry-level piece. Introduced in 1953, the Submariner was Rolex’s first dive watch. At the time, it had a bi-directional rotating bezel for measuring dive time. Initially, the Submariner was water-resistant to 100 meters, but by 1954 Rolex had increased that level to 200 meters. In 1955, the British Royal Navy began using the Submariner as its official dive watch, and the Royal Canadian Navy followed suit the following year.
In 1927, Rolex first became known for its water-resistant watches with patented screw-down crowns, and the clever Oyster name was an effective marketing tool. During the more than 15 hours that Mercedes Glaze attempted to swim the English Channel, she wore a Rolex water-resistant watch that stood the test of time. Rolex advertised the event on the front page of London’s Daily Mail newspaper, earning great acclaim for the watch.
Rolex also developed a special deep-sea watch for exploring the depths of the ocean. Between 1953 and 1960, it participated in a number of sea expeditions, attached to the outer hull of a Submarine. In 1960, Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh manned their submarine Trieste to dive to the Mariana Trench, at a depth of 10,916 meters, which was just a few meters short of the deepest point of the ocean. The Deep Sea Special survived unscathed. Although this model was built several times, it never went into mass production. Due to the use of a hemispherical crystal and an overall height of 35mm, it was still too large to be considered wearable.

Popular Vintage Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The inexorable rise in prices has attracted those looking to make a quick buck by selling copies of some of the most popular models. This has been going on for a long time now, but a few years ago counterfeits were almost embarrassingly easy to spot, and modern low-cost/high-tech manufacturing methods have spawned a new wave of counterfeits that can deceive even experienced collectors.
So how do you avoid falling victim? There are some ways you can keep yourself against the disreputable. The first, and most effective, is to buy only from trusted retailers, as we will discuss in more detail later.
Another vital consideration is to make your research. There is so much information to take advantage of within easy reach. Scour the abundant omega watch blogs online and, in particular, join 88-052914-7a forum. There is a number dedicated to a particular brand together with more general types. The members tend to be extremely knowledgeable and generous with their time and share a real passion for omega replica watches. It also pays to do a search before diving straight in with your question, as the chances are it has been asked and answered before, probably more than once.
Finally, joining the vintage Watch forum is also a good place to find advice on the best places to buy. Hardcore vintage collectors tend to buy lots of watches and may point you in the right direction.

Introduction of Rolex Submariner Dive Watch

Coupled with the highly resilient 904L grade “Oystersteel” used in the case and bracelet, this Rolex Submariner is more resistant to seawater than most replica watches on the market that are made from traditional 316L stainless steel. In addition to its superior corrosion resistance, 904L stainless steel also offers a brighter finish than traditional stainless steel alloys. It gives the wrist a more unique and luxurious look.
Like other contemporary Rolex fake watches, the case of the Ref. 116610 Submariner is protected against the reflective coated sapphire crystal and the “Maxi” display on the dial features larger luminescent hands and hour markers. The 116610 Submariner’s case also features an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal, and the dial comes with larger luminous hands and hour markers. On the newer version of the 116610LN, the dial and hour markers feature a “Maxi” display with a larger Luminous hands and hour markers. On the new version of the 116610LN, the dial and hands are filled with Rolex’s proprietary Chromalight, which provides luminescence to the watchespity.com. Unlike the Super-LumiNova luminescence used on previous versions of the Rolex Submariner. Chromalight glows a bright blue in the dark and is said to last longer than traditional luminescence. 
When Ref.116610 was launched, the strap of this watch was significantly upgraded, and a sophisticated Glidelock extension system was installed in the buckle. Unlike other diving buckles on the market, Glidelock offers a smoother profile under the wrist and allows rapid incremental adjustments.
Its design concept is to allow the wearer to fine-tune the length of the bracelet without using any tools, so that it can easily put the replica watch on the sleeve of the wetsuit. If you are not an avid diver, this function is also a convenient way to adjust when your wrists fluctuate in wet weather. Whether you are diving or not, Glidelock is a very practical additional function of the new Submariner, and it is also a big selling point of this inexpensive watch.
In general, the current Rolex Submariner is very suitable for most wrist sizes, the shape is a little slender, and the bracelet can also well balance the wrist case. If you want to buy a reasonable and all-round sports watch on the market, and at the same time stand the test of time, then the Rolex 116610 with Oystersteel material with black dial and bezel is not wrong.

2020 Omega Speedmaster ’57 and Speedmaster Moonwatch

When we talk about the chronograph watches, the Omega Speedmaster is easily one of the most popular. However, in fact, the Speedmaster is a greatly varied collection and distinguishing between different Speedy models can sometimes be a little overwhelming. So currently, we’ve picked two famous versions, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch and the Speedmaster ’57, to test further, so that we can highlight their origins, differences and similarities.
The Omega Speedmaster was the first chronograph to move the tachymeter scale from the dial to the bezel for better legibility. While later models included printed bezel inserts, that very first Speedmaster had an engraved steel bezel, which is now the defining feature of modern Speedmaster ’57 watches.
Omega first introduced the Speedmaster chronograph particularly for motorsports in 1957 as part of a trilogy of professional replica watches – the other two were the Seamaster 300 dive watch and the Railmaster antimagnetic watch. And the nowadays Omega Speedmaster’ 57 collection is a tribute to that real maiden reference.  2432-8
Another common design trait across all Speedmaster ’57 watches are round symmetrical cases with straight lugs and no crown guards. Other nods to the first Speedy found across some Speedmaster ’57 models consist of the Broad Arrow hands, the three-link steel band, and beige-colored lume to mimic the patina that develops with age.
But, different from the original 1957 Speedmaster, the contemporary Omega Speedmaster ’57 features bigger cases measuring 41.5mm cases and automatic Co-Axial movements. The option of movement also means a dial redesign to include only two sub-dials at 3 and 9 and a date window at 6 o’clock. What’s more, though the Speedmaster was originally only offered in stainless steel, Omega makes Speedmaster ’57 models in a range of materials including steel, gold, and two-tone configurations.
The exception to the above design details is the special 60th Anniversary Speedmaster ’57. Unveiled in 2017, this limited edition commemorative watch is essentially a reissue of the 1957 Speedmaster, complete with a 38.6mm steel case, matching steel bracelet, tri-compax dial, and a manual-wind movement inside.
The only exception is the special 60th Anniversary Speedmaster ’57.The limited-edition commemorative replica watch, which was launched in 2017, is essentially a reprint of the 1957 Speedmaster and features a 38.6mm steel case, matching steel strap, and a three-in-one dial with a manual air drive inside.

2020 Rolex Milgauss 116400 White Dial

We were able to put the Rolex Milgauss, designed specifically for scientists and engineers, in the same category as the air-king — among the brand’s second-tier, less fashionable models. But recently, its new look, impressive antimagnetic capabilities and the fact that it is one of those replica watches that have more or less taken root have attracted a growing number of admirers.
First manufactured in that company heyday of the 1950s, the Milgauss was made in the same era as the Submariner, GMT-Master, Explorer, and Day-Date. As a result, it has traditionally been left in their collective shadow, so much so that it was actually discontinued totally in 1988, ending with the ref. 1019. A large number of people think that we would never see the Milgauss again, but in 2007, and to coincide with the opening of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Rolex reintroduced the watch with the ref. 116400.   116203-921-4
Now with a case diameter of 40mm for the first time, the current Milgauss benefits from many colorful modern elements, but it retains its characteristic resistance to electromagnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. The update was originally issued in three versions: black and white dial editions were fitted with a standard clear sapphire, while a second black dial piece (the ref. 116400GV, with ‘GV’ standing for Glace Verte) was given a green-tinted crystal. All three proved especially welcome with fans and started the Milgauss’s climb towards its current popularity, with the GV model really capturing the imagination.
In 2014, Rolex replaced the black and white dial with a transparent sapphire crystal (which could further drive up its price in the future) with a second green sapphire dial, this time electric blue. It was named Z-blue dial and its blend of colors, including a bright orange lightning bolt second hand and minute track, makes it one of the most vivid watches in the entire professional watch series.
Different from the other two used fake rolex watches on our list, the ref. 116400 is still in production (excluding the versions with clear crystals), but there are rumors that cosmetic surgery is on the way. When this happens, you can expect the demand for the current reference to increase, possibly across all versions. Until then, it had been undervalued on the second-hand market, and it was an excellent watch, with some wonderfully quirky touches, and relatively cheap compared to most contemporary Rolex watches — at least for now.

Buy New or Used President Day-Date Gold?

There are many reasons as to exactly why the Rolex Day-Date makes such an enticing pre-owned purchase. The first and foremost is usability. Different from most of their steel motion models, Rolex has never really restricted the supply of the President to their retail network, which means those who want one have had some problems locating a new model. As a result, a significant number of Rolex presidential watches enter the secondary market quite frequently and retailers are not really lacking in pushing second-hand prices above retail prices.
Besides, the fake Rolex Day-Date’s stubborn choice of only precious metal construction is another explanation. The big majority of brand-new watches immediately depreciate the moment that you leave the store with them, with solid gold or platinum models often taking the largest hit in value. Since precious metal watches are much more expensive than stainless steel watches, there are far fewer buyers for them, resulting in significantly less demand in the second-hand market than in the less expensive stainless steel replica watches. This means you often have a great chance of finding a used Rolex CEO at a significant discount compared to the original retail price.
And thirdly, the Day-Date’s iconic aesthetics have to be taken into account. There have been several generations of the Rolex President over the last 60+ years. With the looks more or less cemented from the get-go, new references have generally been announced to introduce a noteworthy upgrade to the watch’s movement instead of any major outward design alterations.
Take a model from the original series and put it next to a modern example and you’ll see relatively small differences in style, despite the massive upgrades and improvements that have taken place over the past few years. So if you can get a used watch that’s indistinguishable from the latest model for a fraction of the price, why not?