Buying guide – Replica Breitling Transocean Chronograph QP

Presented in an attractive 43mm rose gold case, the new Transocean Chronograph QP is available in two 25-piece limited series, one with a black dial and the other with a silver dial. As the name suggests it combines two rather useful complications in the form of a chronograph and perpetual calendar, nevertheless unfortunately it also chooses to display every iota of information possible spread across the four sub-dials on the main dial, including the date, day, week, month, season, leap-year cycle and moon phases.
Breitling is another one of those brands I just didn’t manage to get to at Baselworld this year (although I’m slightly less disappointed about that than Glashutte) and thus unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go hands-on with their new, limited edition Transocean Chronograph QP, a watch that is making me feel things that I’ve never felt about a Breitling before. As a matter of fact, this might just actually be the first Breitling I will consider wearing (legibility concerns not withstanding of course.)
What is this feeling?
I’ll admit I really like the look and design of this new watch from Breitling and if the dial was a little less busy I will actually consider wearing it. Putting aside for the moment the fact that this Replica Breitling watch is all but illegible, I find myself forced to admit that I consider it a rather handsome looking piece. It’s a strange and foreign feeling to me as I’ve never really chartered this sort of territory with a Breitling replica ┬ábefore.
Powered by the automatic Breitling 29 caliber, the Transocean Chronograph QP offers a minimum power reserve of 42 hours and comes fitted with a leather strap. That is, assuming they haven’t all sold out already, of course. It will suit those who like a lot of information available at their fingertips and don’t mind squinting at the dial to get it. If you’re a Breitling fan and you have the disposable income necessary I will certainly consider putting this on the ‘maybe’ list. In theory it’s very cool, useful even, but the reality (as with many Breitlings) is far different. Official pricing is yet to be confirmed but estimates put it at somewhere between US$40,000 – US$60,000.
At just 43mm it is not excessively over-sized (particularly by Breitling’s standards) and the contrast of the red gold against the black dial really works quite well.
At first glance the replica watches dial feels well balanced and symmetrical, which it is but the longer you stare it the more you become lost in the sea of tiny numbers printed on every available surface of the dial. It’s almost like it has good intentions and desires to do the right thing but just can’t quite seem to decide what the right thing actually is.