Top Limited Edition Replica Watches

In the watch collection world, there is always an exclusive desire. Replica watch brands large and small are clearly following this trend, and year after year we see a large number of beautiful and interesting limited edition luxury watches on the market in small quantities. While some limited editions can stay relatively cheap, others will cost you a fortune. In other words, in due course, these rare works are more likely to appreciate in value than their serials. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite limited edition movies of 2019.
It’s been funny to see the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms collection expand in recent years, as the brand has eventually been putting more effort into revitalizing the line using more direct influence from its historically significant dive watches from decades past. This year, the Fifty Fathoms Barakuda was the star of the show. A cozy and short-lugged 40.3mm case is fitted with a slightly domed/three-dimensional ceramic bezel insert, and all of its indices on its dial and bezel use a darkened beige-colored Super-LumiNova, as do its hands.
Hands-down the most particular and expensive piece on our list, this rockstar of a fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was just too unique to not discuss. Its case and bracelet are crafted from platinum, and it is full of a fantastic ice blue dial that is reminiscent of the platinum Rolex Daytona that has been in the market for a handful of years now. Of course, when you’re talking perpetual calendars in general, those from either AP or replica Patek Philippe remain the most coveted, but pairing this complication with a platinum casing, the iconic Gerald Genta Royal Oak case design, AND the fact that only 50 examples are hitting the market? This is really the king of calendars today, unless you really put your mind to a ceramic model from a few years ago.
As a very clever move, Panerai released three very limited watches in 2019, each paired with a distinct and special experience offered to its purchasers. That’s right, not only were you buying a watch, but also the adventure experience of a lifetime. In the case of the Submersible Mike Horn Edition, invitees would have the pleasure of joining Mr. Horn on a northern exploratory expedition. In the end, in the case of the Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech, guests actually get to take a multi-day training session with an elite squadron of the Italian Navy known as the COMSUBIN. Sadly, these models sold out quickly, however, production variants in different color are still available. 
I’m the first to admit I complained about the number of limited editions Omega Speedmaster watches that get released each year, but for the anniversary of Apollo 11, this big gold beast is kind of amazing. They’re making 1,014 examples, all using a slightly altered gold alloy that the brand is calling “Moonshine gold.” The production number was opted because Omega built 1,014 examples of a very similar watch in 1969 in celebration of the moon landing. The moonshine gold alloy is designed to be a darker color than traditional gold, which is why the new version is so close to the original sample as a design inspiration.