Wrist Check: Rolex Explorer II

Wearing certain watches creates an interesting emotion. It’s hard to put into words, but when the Explorer II hugs your wrist, something changes. A feeling of adventure ensues. You’re no longer sitting in a cubicle at your desk – you’re ready to travel to the real ocean. Visions of alpine expeditions and multi-time-zone travel spring up like the plot of an Ian Fleming novel. Some people just see a simple homology between GMT and fake watch design. However, I see something more – a gateway to a different way of life. replica watches usa
Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the Explorer II holds a special place in my heart. It was what introduced me to the world of Rolex. Memories associated with this watch include trudging through snowy nights in New York City and warm afternoons spent at country wineries. The Explorer II is not just a watch – it’s a companion. The design changes that distinguish it from the GMT-Master II or Submariner give it a more pronounced rugged look. The brushed steel bezel seems to work as a flint if you find yourself stuck in the woods and need to start a fire (seriously, don’t do that). Let’s take a look at why I can’t get enough of one of the most underrated exact replica watches in the Rolex lineup right now.
The 42mm Explorer II is significantly larger than Rolex’s 40mm Sport. To me, this just adds to the overall sturdy tool watch feel. To complement the size, the brushed steel 24-hour bezel mirrors the black dial. While the white dial version of the Explorer II is currently more popular, I prefer the black dial. It adds better readability by contrasting with the white hands. Regarding the hands, for this version of the watch, Rolex used a black hand base to match the dial and added a phantom effect. As a result, at first glance, the hands appear rather stubby, but over time, this look will grow on you.
To add contrast to the black dial, a bold orange arrow-shaped GMT hand helps you measure a second time zone. And, for good measure, this hand is controlled by its own quick time setting function on the crown. This allows the user to switch hours in just a few seconds. Following more traditional design cues, the date function is located under the Cyclops magnifying window at three o’clock. Hugging all of this tightly to the wrist is a synonym for most of their best replica watches – the Oyster strap. Finished in brushed steel, the strap feels as tough as nails without sacrificing comfort. I wish it had the Glidelock clasp. However, it does have the Easylink system, which allows you to quickly expand the bracelet by about half a turn. This comes in handy when switching from a cold climate to a hot one, or when your wrist is expanding throughout the day.
The steel bezel I’ve been raving about has a downside. It makes the Explorer II more casual than its ceramic bezel counterpart. I’ve always believed that you should wear what makes you feel best. However, for me, the Explorer II shines best in business casual and informal settings. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear it with a suit, but in general, it’s not a good practice. The larger casing and brushed finish make it more suited to nice jeans and facecloth than anything else.
In daily use, the larger case size disappears quickly from my perspective. For most watches, I think size comes down to preference. After a few days, you can get used to anything. I never found the Explorer II to be uncomfortable or too big for my 6.8″ wrist. That said, I did notice that the case was not as flat on my wrist as the 40mm Rolex. I just equate it to a sportier look.
It’s certainly not an original idea, but for men, watches are really the only jewelry we can wear every day. The features that make this watch different from the more traditional Submariner or GMT-Master add more personality to the wearer. It shows that you really know what you’re wearing, rather than simply checking a box on the Rolex list. The Explorer II has a depth to it that really makes you feel special when you look down at your wrist. Even if you’re not traveling, you’ll always be ready for the call of adventure. The Explorer II is a watch that will carry those memories forever.